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Villarreal Integrity Professionals NMSDC MBE Certified
Villarreal Integrity Professionals Gold Shovel Certified Trainer
Villarreal Integrity Professionals MEA Member



Preconstruction Management - Villarreal Integrity Professionals

Preconstruction Planning, Estimating, Construction Management

VIP partners with general contractors to provide the necessary workforce to build and manage construction projects. We offer contractors the opportunity to utilize some of the most skilled workers in their respective trades.  

VIP personnel can handle the more complex construction management and inspection problems found in today’s construction environment.

Project Management Construction - Villarreal Integrity Professionals

Project Management, Surveying and Inspection

VIP removes the complexities of human resources management and payroll, giving you the most qualified people to perform Project Management, Surveying, Inspection, and other aspects of your project.   VIP professionals provide the backbone for contract personnel programs designed to satisfy client short-term skilled work force needs. Most of all they can and will represent your company the way you would.

Safety and Engineering Construction Management - Villarreal Integrity Professionals

Construction and Engineering Professionals

By hiring VIP, you gain access to new markets and a larger workforce that is highly skilled and readily available. Our people are dedicated to and passionate about the continued success of the trades and industries we work with. We would love having an opportunity to partner with you and help improve your next project. Contact us to discuss your labor needs, large or small.

Safety Inspection of Pipeline Equipment - Villarreal Integrity Professionals


Villarreal Integrity Professionals, LLC. (VIP) is a privately held, Certified Minority Business Enterprise (MBE)Golden Shovel Standard Certified, and MEA Energy Association Member ensuring quality and safety training, project management, and Professional Construction Labor and Staffing for Energy, Transportation, and Construction Industries. VIP provides valuable human resources for construction projects, like yours. Our trained professionals have the knowledge and experience to provide services range from planning and estimating to surveying, development, management, inspection, startup, and commissioning. VIP has the capability and experience to assume total responsibility for all of these functions and more. VIP can also staff specific assignments needed to meet client requirements that represent a broader effort. VIP utilizes proven methodologies, experience, and a selection of seasoned professionals with established track records.

Use Villarreal Integrity Professionals to organize, manage, and execute your construction project from management to inspection services. VIP can do it all!

Examples of types of Staffing and Labor provided, and more!

Chief Inspectors                                                                    Environmental

CWI's                                                                                     API

NACE                                                                                     Project Managers

BCSP                                                                                     Construction Managers

Safety                                                                                    Document Control/Clerks

Utility                                                                                     QAQC


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